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Referral Rewards

In appreciation, for referring 1 new client, you will receive

 1 Referral Reward, good for 1/2 off the Regular Price.

(On one massage, after their 1st visit)
That makes the 

60 Minute Massage just $25, 

and the

90 Minute Massage just $40,

 for just referring one client.

 Refer 2 new clients, and you pay nothing. "YAY!"
You can redeem, up to 4 referral Rewards per month.
(That is 2 Massages per month)

*Specials, and Discounts, cannot be combined

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The Birthday Special

 During your Birthday Month,  you can get one massage at

1/2 Off*  

*You must purchase this for yourself. 

 *Can't be purchased as a gift certificate.

*Can't be your first massage.

The 60 Minute Massage is just $25

 The 90 Minute Massage is just $40 

A Very Happy Birthday to you!